Author: Jayde Ferguson

As a gardening or landscaping enthusiast, having the right tools is the most essential aspect of good work. If you’re serious about getting out in the garden, you’ll want to choose backyard tools that are practical, efficient for the task and that’ll encourage you to get out and get your hands dirty. From spades to trimmers, chainsaws to mowers; good quality gardening tools can make the difference between results that are decent to ones that are great.

But how do you choose? One gardener’s favourite selections can be another’s nightmare and every garden has its own individual needs. Consider the size of your space and the main objectives for your garden. Are you just looking after a small veggie patch or are you maintaining the landscape of a large property? Whatever your needs, here’s a list of useful backyard tools to make your garden tasks easier!

1. Garden Hose with a Watering Wand

There’s your standard (somewhat boring) garden hoses and then there’s a magic wand. Literally. In a world that’s becoming more environmentally conscious, it really pays to watch your water usage and do your bit to protect our supply. Garden hoses with a watering wand attached are great for controlling your watering supply, whilst still giving that much needed dose of life to your garden.

water-saving-gadgets-for-the-garden-2Keeping your plants well-watered is vital to their survival – but regular hoses just don’t cut it anymore. Watering wands are a more specialised nozzle option that extends your hosing reach too, enabling you to water exactly where you need. Especially ideal for watering hanging baskets and deep garden beds, look for one that has a cut-off valve at the base to allow you to start and stop the water flow without having to turn the tap off. Adding this to a coil hose will automatically reduce your hose to a tight  coil once the job is complete; like magic.

2. String Trimmer

use-a-string-trimmer-inline-preparingA string trimmer is perfect for gardeners that need a trimmer and an edger. Consider a 3-in-1 tool, string trimmers complete the job where you lawn mower can’t reach. This fancy guy combines trimming, edging and cutting of tall grass in one.

Anyone with lush lawn will agree that keeping the edges clean is important. Not only does it make the space look a million times better, but giving it those finishing shaping touches will add to the success of your lawn growth too.

3. Lawn Mower

Every shed needs to have a good lawn mower to keep your lawn looking healthy. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you may want to invest in a ride-on mower or look for a self-propelled lawn mower so you don’t need to do much pushing. For very small lawns that still need love, a simple reel mower can do the trick.

Personal preference plays a pivotal role when it comes to mowing your lawn. Aside from the obvious price, keep in mind options when it comes to the mower’s engine, drive and drive control which can determine comfort and functions. If you really love your gardening, it can be worthwhile getting a mower that discharges the clippings out the deck. This way you can collect the clippings to use for mulch. Consider whether you want the mower to be petrol or electric and opt for a cordless mower for practicality.

Solid_spade_(frog_view)4. Spades and Shovels

Spades and shovels will be your best friends in the garden, but it’s important to opt for quality ones. Generally speaking, spades have flat bottom edges used for digging whereas shovels have broader-bottoms for moving loose materials and soil around. Don’t just go out and buy any spade and shovel, look for ones that are well-balanced, capable of slicing through the stoniest of grounds (so a strong steel head is essential for a spade purchase) and are small and compact enough to use.

Shovels should have a long, narrow blade that is curved to dig deep holes. If that’s what your garden needs. Jagged edged shovels are efficient for cutting through compacted soil and roots. It’s a wise investment to have a few different types of shovels and spades as they’re all designed to do a different job.

K634_15. Soil Knife

Also known as the Hori-Hori, soil knives originate from Japan and consist of a stainless steel concave blade with one sharp edge and one serrated edge. Absolute time savers when it comes to cutting through roots, dividing and transplanting vegetation, weeding and removing hard-rooted plants from pots – it’s the favourite tool of many serious gardeners. Actually, it’s the Samurai weapon of backyard tools so make sure it’s on your list!

loop-hoe-500x5006. Loop Hoe

A better modified version of your standard garden hoe, the loop hoe is great for edging and weeding. With a sharp blade that slips beneath the soil and scrapes up the roots, it makes even the toughest and most dreaded weeding job bearable.

Loop hoes are also great for mixing fertilisers, cultivating the top layer of soil without damaging the soil structure beneath the surface. If you’re doing a lot of fertilising and composting in the garden or need an easier alterative for weeding, then the loop hoe is a must have.

7. Proper Pruning Shears

You don’t need to go anything too fancy here, but don’t think using your standard kitchen scissors will do the job either! Opting for proper pruning  shears (or secateurs) are good for deadheading flowers and plants, harvesting small veggies and snipping herbs. Ideal for the gardener with a vegie patch and herb space.

If you’re wanting to harvest larger vegies, purchase a heavy-duty pair with plastic-coated handles for comfort and ease. Look for ones with strong high-quality steel blades, a locking mechanism and a strong spring. Consider the size and weight too.

Which backyard tool favourites will you be adding to your list?

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Beacon Equipment – a Perth based company with quality must-have garden equipment and landscaping tools including lawn mowers to spruce up your space.