Recently the Genus team has specified aluminium fencing for a residential subdivision in Pakenham.  We saw it as a good solution for semi-transparent fencing to provide a level of passive surveillance between private yards and public reserves that cannot be achieved with a standard timber paling fence.

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jamie at Awards Fencing and discusses what to look out for if you are upgrading to aluminium fencing.

Upgrading to Timber-look Aluminium Slats – A Buyer’s Guide

An excellent way to improve your yard’s appearance is to replace your old slat fencing made from wood with fencing that looks like timber and is made from aluminium. Timber-look fencing made from aluminium is able to combine the toughness and durability of aluminium with the outstanding appearance of real timber. This combination will provide you with a fence that will be around for a long time.


However, before you go to your local hardware store to purchase some slat fencing made from aluminium, it would be in your best interest to read the buyer’s guide that we have provided for you. There are five critical points that we have highlighted below for you. These points will enable you to select a product that will give you excellent value for your money and has high-quality construction. When you read and apply the tips that we have given you to your decision regarding which product to purchase, it could literally be the difference between buying a product that lasts for many decades and a product that deteriorates quickly and needs to be replaced after only a few years.

Five things to think about prior to buying timber-look slats made from aluminium

1. The warranty

A warranty should cover both the aluminium and the powder-coating. There are many low-quality products that will have one of these items covered, but not both of them. You must also be on the lookout for warranties that are extremely short. When a product has a short warranty or none at all, this is usually a sign that the company that made the fence has no confidence in the durability and quality of the product they have produced. You should consider this a red flag and choose a different product instead.

2. The powder-coating

Powder-coatings are not all made the same. This basically means that certain fences will be able to withstand the sun longer than others. The powder-coating provides a layer of protection against corrosion and damage from the sun for the aluminium. Powder-coating also improves the appearance of the fence. Quality products are subjected to a thorough testing process to make sure that the coating will be durable and last for a long time. Before you buy a product, do some research to find out how long it will usually last. A product that is excellent quality should ideally meet or exceed the Council of Australian Standards’ recommended standards.

3. The installation method

The method that is used to install slat fencing made from aluminium can potentially impact how the fence will look in your yard after the installation is complete. This type of fencing is usually installed with screws. However, this can be accomplished in a couple of ways. The slats can be screwed on and left exposed. The screws could also be hidden from view by using a channel. It all depends on the preference of the person who owns the fence. However, the majority of people end up hiding the screws. Prior to buying aluminium slats that are powder-coated, be certain that the correct installation method is used to make the product look the way you want.

4. The supplier

Prior to buying any fencing, you need to be sure that the product’s supplier has the necessary qualifications to recommend, sell and fit the fence you have chosen. One of the most important things you need to consider is how long the supplier has been in business. Ideally, you want a supplier who has been in the area for at least a few years. If the supplier just started doing business in your area recently, they probably do not have the necessary skills or experience to do the job correctly. Before making any agreement to buy, ask the supplier for references and testimonials. Reputable companies will provide these for you without any hesitation.

5. The aluminium

The aluminium fencing’s strength and durability differs depending on what brand you buy. These factors primarily depend on the aluminium’s linear weight or thickness. If the slats are very thick, the fence is not as likely to become dented or bowed. If aluminium fencing is cheap, this means that not as much aluminium has been used in the manufacturing of the fence. It is better to pay more initially for a high quality fence. This will prevent you from spending money on repairs in the future. If you carefully consider all of these five points, you will be able to make an educated decision when you purchase aluminium slats that are powder-coated. Finding an honest supplier is the most critical of these five points. A supplier with a history of quality service and satisfied customers will be able to give you advice on the best products to buy. If you begin this process with a trustworthy supplier, you can have the peace of mind that you will get competent installation and after-care for your fence.

Dave Ward owns and runs Perth fencing company, Awards Fencing. Why not reach out to Dave on Google+ with any questions about this article.