The team at Genus begin every landscape project with an entirely fresh and site specific approach.  Every client has their own individual tastes and requirements and it is our job to interpret those into an amazing garden for them to live in and enjoy.

While each client is different, there are always common requests and landscape trends that are desirable.  Today’s guest post from TTFS describes some garden features that are in high demand.

Can you see any or all of these in your garden?

Trends in backyard design: What’s hot now!

Taking control of home design extends far beyond choosing kitchen cabinets and bedroom curtains. More Australians are utilising outdoor space – no matter what season – to bring personality and character to their abodes. Below, we’ve rounded up the hottest backyard trends of 2014, sure to suit the minimalist or lavish home dweller.

Organic gardens


Organic food is all the rage; we see it everywhere from supermarkets to café. We’ve watched this trend skyrocket in the last few years, and it doesn’t look to be fading away anytime soon. To get involved, simply plant your own fruit and vegetables in the backyard. It is extremely rewarding watching your own produce grow. Planting your own food is also a great way to lighten your grocery bill and offers peace of mind knowing what you eat isn’t filled with pesticide.

Fire pits



Whether you like to gaze into the flames on a warm summer’s night, or huddle up for warmth during winter, the popularity of outdoor fire pits is on the rise. They can be set into the ground or freestanding; either way fire pits provide an excellent spot for social gatherings, encouraging interaction away from drab televisions inside. Plus, fire pits are a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to electric outdoor heating.




The well-loved barbeque (BBQ) stands high on our list of outdoor trends. Who can pass up a perfectly cooked burger from their own home? For budding chefs, we’ve seen an influx of bbq-related recipes crop up, featuring variations on tasty marinades to internationally inspired skewers. What’s great news is that the price point of your average bbq has dropped dramatically, as well, making this trend affordable for nearly any backyard lover.

Outdoor living rooms



Bring the comforts of inside, outdoors. At the moment, we are seeing an influx of fancy backyard living spaces pop up in exterior design – sofas and TV included. To accommodate various climates, you can install fans for air circulation, heating lamps for comfort in cooler temperatures, and/or you can install large transparent ziplock screens around your patio to enclose the new living area.

Elevated dining areas



What’s better than enjoying a home-cooked meal, overlooking your own property? This may not be the best option for more compact inner-city living, but for those with room to move, elevated entertaining spaces (beautifully fitted out with as many or little chairs as you like) offer a satisfying dining experience like no other, in your own backyard.




By definition, a pergola is an arched structure that makes the framework for a freestanding cover. An undercover extension of your house in your backyard, it can adapt to fit the look and feel of your landscaping. Whether it be romantic or modern, a pergola is perfect for creating shade on hot days and provides a cosy, quiet space to sit under.

Native plants



Having plants in your backyard is nothing new, however native plants in particular have made a comeback. Sustainable native plants are a way to show pride in your country’s natural landscape and ensure a beautiful garden with minimal fuss all year-round.

Outdoor hot tubs



Pools are nice, but spas are sweeter. We have featured hot tubs on our list of outdoor amenities heating up this year, especially in demand during southern Australian winters.

Natural minerals



Plastic is out. Natural materials are in. For outdoor decor and furniture, choosing non-synthetic and/or mass-produced items are the way to go. For example, slabs of stone can serve as tables or benches instead of laminex. Going natural may be more costly, but the quality, lifespan and individuality are hard to beat.

Wall gardens



An inventive option for tight spaces and those who prefer inner-city living, wall gardens are quickly gaining pace in the home design world. With care, these small gardens that are simply installed vertically (in some sun) can still grow flowers, succulents, or herbs.


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