Author: Jayde Ferguson

There’s no debating that first impressions do count. Although what’s on the inside is certainly important, houses – like books, are typically judged by their covers. Especially when it comes to selling your home; first impressions matter. A home’s front exterior should demonstrate a pride of ownership and inspire curiosity. Even if you’re not planning on selling up soon, great kerb appeal creates an undeniable welcoming vibe. And who doesn’t want their front yard looking and feeling amazing?

With summer upon us, now is the right time to implement those fun landscape ideas for the front yard. If it looks like it’s been lacking some TLC, a few cost-effective tricks to enhance the space can be just what you need. Here are some to get you started.

1. Use the Xeriscaping Method

Living in Australia comes with many benefits – but there’s some downfalls too! The summer heat makes it very difficult to keep a garden looking lush and healthy, and if you already suffer a case of the brown thumb then you can pretty much kiss greenery goodbye. The xeriscaping method is ideal for gardens that crave something low maintenance or sustainable homes that strive to conserve water.

By using this method you’re essentially picking plants that don’t require much care and attention. Succulents and drought tolerant plants are the best place to start. Think indigenous grasses, succulents or plants such as Echinacea or Portulaca. Choose plants that are right for your region to give them the best chance. This method of landscaping conserves water costs and adds a green and colourful appeal to the yard – without the hassle.


2. Add Charm with Picket Fencing

Installing fencing around the front yard isn’t just an essential security addition, it can add charm and character to a tired looking space. Kerb appeal and fencing go hand-in-hand, adding both a practical and aesthetic value to the house. Picket fencing is identifiable by the neatly spaced vertical boards. Whilst they don’t always offer privacy, they work wonders as a decorative border to frame your yard and establish borders.


Picket fencing is traditionally white or natural wood but if you want your property to stand out, you can add some colour and interest with paint. Use the same colour as the trim of your home to create a visually uniform appearance. A low picket fence also has the advantage of deterring passers-by from entering your home. Picket fencing can make the space look more manicured and cared for, all whilst adding a visual punch to the property.

3. Create Structure with Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are fantastic for creating a sense of structure to the front yard. It’s perfect for smaller spaces or homeowners that have trouble bending down to grow and tend to plants. But the depth they can add just tops it off. Utilise different materials to make the structure of the garden bed like concrete, wood, rocks or recycled materials. For a unique touch, consider composite timber screens which will add a decorative touch and require less ongoing maintenance with rot proof and UV resistant composite timbers. Garden beds look great around a front patio area or at the side of paths but you can be as creative as you dare!


Adding window boxes also gives the same effect.  You can buy them or DIY them if you’re feeling adventurous and attach them to the front windows of your home. They add visual interest and complexity to the yard, without dedicating too much time and money into the project.

4. Add ‘Pops’ of Colour

When a yard calls for a makeover, colour really is your best friend. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for transforming any space and pops of colour add that wow factor to your home. Paint the front door a bold splash of colour and window frames or shutters and gutters too.  You can revamp the letterbox with new numbering and the same bright colours used on the door and frames. Sanding back old garden pots and repainting with something vibrant will work wonders as well. Adding small touches of colour through plants and furniture is ideal too – just don’t go overboard. Pick a few areas that work together and choose a bright colour (or two) that complements the existing neutral shades.


5. Modernise Your Walkway

Not only should the front path to your door be clutter free and easy to walk on, but it should be inviting and appealing too. Modernise the walkway by replacing old materials with something new. If it’s concrete, revamp with stones or wood to add warmth. Using wooden planks or stones to connect your garden and home together is an inexpensive but stunning way to change the dynamics of your landscape.

Use solar lights along the walkway to illuminate the way. This will help to create a welcoming entry for guests and you and your family when you come home, and be a great safety feature at night too. Minimalist lighting in the front yard through solar lights or light ropes is an easy and inexpensive way to create a dramatic effect.

6. Get Edgy

Defined edges between garden beds, walkways and driveways help to create a more refined look in the front yard. For small areas you’ll be able to use a trowel and do the work easily by hand. Larger jobs may need the help of an edger though. Edging is great for defining borders, eliminating grass from invading other areas of the garden and creating segments. You can use metal, stone or paver borders which will require little to no maintenance.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Fencemakers – Perth, Western Australia’s complete range of quality fencing, decorative screening and gates installed by skilled fencing contractors. Catch Fencemakers on Facebook!