Recent calendar events presented us with the perfect opportunity to get out into the garden.  That’s right, while others are off camping or shopping on the Easter or Anzac Day long weekends, Landscape Architects are gardening!

After quite an intense Summer and a couple of months of neglect, our garden was in desperate need of a birthday.  And now in light of the efforts that we put in over the long weekend, I have realised that for improving the look of your garden there is one action that achieves dramatic results.


Organic mulch ready for the garden - J Davidson

For under $400 we had delivered 6 cubic metres of organic mulch, enough to remulch all of the garden beds in our standard suburban house block.

Combine that with a bit of pruning and sweeping and the garden looks fresh and revitalised!  A fresh layer of mulch just looks clean and neat and gives any garden a visual lift that it needs.

Along with the aesthetic benefits of mulching, there are also the horticultural positives.

So why else should I mulch?

  • Mulch improves water retention of your garden beds which means that you are watering less often
  • Mulch helps to prevent weeds from getting established
  • Organic mulches add to the overall organic make up of your soil which aids its health and structure


Autumn is the perfect time to mulch and it should be an annual activity that you schedule in for this time of year!

– Jason

For more information on mulch:

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