With the Genus office located in Melbourne’s south eastern bayside region, we have plenty of opportunity to work on local projects and use local plant species.  While Dianella ‘Tasred’ is a cultivated variety, it comes from the locally indigenous Dianella tasmanica and is therefore a very suitable plant to use for many of our projects.

Here’s some more information on this versatile and attractive species thanks to Ozbreed:

Tasred® Dianella is a tough & reliable strappy leaf plant

Tasred® Dianella is one tough, adaptable and reliable Australian native plant.  It’s the best performing, biggest selling Dianella tasmanica in Australia.  It has really beautiful flowers and great colour contrast with changing foliage colours throughout the year.

It is best suited to non-humid regions but does well in Sydney if planted in the shade.  In southern NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania it works well in full sun and moderately heavy shade. Tasred® Dianella is certainly drought and frost tolerant.

After it finishes flowering Tasred® Dianella has large beautiful purple berries. In most situations Tasred® Dianella gets to about 40cm high but in good soils it can get a little higher. Use it for mass planting or as a garden specimen plant.

via Tasred® Dianella is a tough & reliable strappy leaf plant | Ozbreed.

So why not see where some Dianella can improve your garden?