Today we bring you another guest post by Nicholas Jones – Managing Director at IOTA Australia.  With the cold weather approaching, Nicholas is looking forward to the warmer months and gives some great tips to let your plan for colour in your garden after Winter!

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Summer Flowers in Post and Planters

Summer flowers will need to be tough and hardy to survive hot and dry weather conditions but this does not mean that you have to compromise on colour and aesthetic value. In this article, we will introduce you to some beautiful summer blooms and all recommended for garden planters.

Delphinium Belladonna Group cultivar (

Delphinium Belladonna Group cultivar (

The sun shines its brightest during summer days so pale-coloured flowers will hardly be visible. Take advantage of the brightness with vibrant and strong flower colours.

Pansy ‘Pretty Posy’ (

Pansy ‘Pretty Posy’ (

Mix and match tall perennials such as euphorbia and delphiniums with low growing annuals such as pansies, poppies, and small daisies. Place them on matching planters for a beautiful design.

That moment when spring ends and summer starts, spring flowers start to fade and wither which can lead to a not-so-spectacular-looking garden. This however should not be the case as with proper planning, you can have flowers in bloom all year round. Fortunately, for summer, there is an abundant array of flowering plants that are able to withstand harsh summer conditions.

Sun Loving Annuals

Sun Loving Annuals are the most common, and notably the easiest to grow during summer. They are bright-coloured and resistant to heat and drought. They love the harsh rays of the summer sun and they are hardy enough to survive even in poor soil conditions. They can also be planted at any time of the year.

Annuals are perfect when planted on granite trough planters. Even when flowers are not in bloom, the elegant planter design will keep your garden attractive.

Extra Large Granite Trough – IOTA Australia

Perennial Options

Perennials mostly include trees, shrubs and other plants that continue to grow year after year. However, most gardeners use the term perennial to describe border plants that go dormant during winter and bloom again in spring. Perennials prefer places with cold winters. In tropical climates, a perennial will easily die out because it doesn’t get a chance to rest in the absence of a winter season.

Since most perennials are used for bordering, they are perfect on trough planters. Line them up beside a wall or use them to define a walkway and lead pedestrians.

Most perennials should be planted during winter but some varieties can be planted at any season. Perennials can be bought as container plants often with flowers in bloom. This is actually a good thing because you already see what they look like in bloom which can help your design decisions.

Extra Large Granite Taper – IOTA Australia

Shrubs and Trees

Basically, a shrub is a woody perennial. Most shrubs are small but some can even be described as small trees. Notably, some of the most beautiful flowering plants are classified as shrubs. Shrubs also benefit a lot from pruning, mainly to remove dead and diseased branches. The best time to prune shrubs is the time when the blooms are starting to fade and wither. After pruning, always water heavily.

Summer Roses

Roses are great flowers for a summer garden in bloom. One problem with roses though is that it gets black spots in hot and humid conditions. This can easily be avoided by not wetting the foliage. So keep in mind not to use a sprinkler system when roses are in bloom. Use drip irrigation without a spray. Also, roses can be mulched to better retain soil moisture without having to worry about collar rot.



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