Author: Lana Hawkins

Everyone enjoys having a beautiful garden, rich with a variety of colorful and exotic plants.  But it is pretty hard to build and maintain one.  It takes time, knowledge, dedication and patience.  However, once you have it you can truly enjoy all of its beauty and relax after a hard-working day.

If you decide to take it to the next level and build a vertical garden, you can have a real piece of wildlife in your own yard.


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There are numerous benefits of having a vertical garden, besides the look.  Plants are great thermal and sound isolators, so you can have a beautiful vertical garden, together with a sound proof wall which will keep you warm during winter and cool during hot summer.  They also significantly improve the quality of the air.


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First of all you need to decide where you want to hang it.  It is going to be pretty heavy so make sure everything is prepared and that the wall is strong enough to support your garden (including a solid base).

Another consideration is orientation, you need to know what kind of plants you want to use, how much sunlight they need and how much sunlight they will get.

Frames for vertical gardens come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Plastic crates or tubs are commonly used as they are lightweight and strong, however metal frames can also be used.

To ensure the garden does not leak onto surrounding structures or walls, plastic sheeting is also used.

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Next a layer of fabric is used to provide a base for the plants to live and grow from.  Some of the best materials for this purpose are felt or hessian, however a material only needs to be good for water retention and allowing root growth.

What you need now is an irrigation system that is capable of sending water to all parts of your garden.  Common systems have a hose across the top of the frame with drippers down through the entire structure.

You also need some kind of fertilising system, for that it would be the best to consult a professional. It all depends on climate and plants you are going to use on your green wall.

Now you have come to the final step – insert the plants, let your imagination do the work.

Garden furniture by Wintons Teak

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Once you decide to build your vertical garden, or you have already built one, you need to make sure that you can enjoy it properly.  It should not only be on a good location, but also somewhere where you spend a lot of time, where you can relax and simply watch it grow from day to day.  You can choose something from beautiful outdoor furniture Sydney and set it up around your vertical garden, enjoy it every morning when you drink coffee, or when you come back home from work.

It maybe looks hard to build one, but it is really not.  Make sure to choose the right plants for your climate and let them grow.  Maintaining it can be your daily routine that helps you relax and breathe in clean, fresh air.

Author Bio

Lana Hawkins is a student of Architecture from Sydney.  She loves writing about landscape design and is very interested in the concept of sustainable architecture.  Also, she enjoys traveling and trying out new recipes.