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Brighton Family Garden

Location     Brighton, Victoria

The brief for this garden in Melbourne’s bayside was to transform a vacant block into a private and versatile family garden. The key elements are an adventure playground, in-ground trampolines and a winding path that encircles the garden. A synthetic lawn to the centre of the garden provides a hardy surface and caters for games, picnics or outdoor entertaining.

The natural topography of the property situates the garden high above the beach and provides views of the bay and the city. A high brick wall maintains privacy from the beach, while a timber gate provides access for the family, via a formal staircase and terraced gardens that step up to the level of the lawn. A formal walkway cuts across the main path, leading towards a second staircase at the top of the garden.

The planting consists of salt, wind and sun tolerant species. Magnolias along the northern boundary prevent overlooking and Ornamental Pears along the east boundary screen the road. Seasonal colour and climatic conditions defined the planting with masses of flowering shrubs (Murrayas, Lavender, Westringia and Dietes) beneath feature Lipstick Maples and Crepe Myrtles.

The overall result of this project is a private and versatile garden that is dedicated to family activity.

Architect – CLP Architecture
Landscaping – Birchwood Landscapes
Photography – Ian Adams

Family Garden, Brighton