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The outdoor world is expanding! And it doesn’t matter whether you have a spacious backyard to work with or a smaller, more subtle space; there’s always a desirable outdoor living addition or design that creates that ‘wow’ factor. Modern ideas, fresh new trends and playful architecture enhancements aim to craft an outdoor living space that is visually exciting, stylish, comfortable and practical.

These hottest outdoor living ideas for 2016 change the way we experience our alfresco and entertaining spaces. Bringing a new level of creativity with innovative solutions that maximise how the space is used, the latest trends in the industry are set to make your backyard feel like your own personal slice of paradise.


(Cultivart Landscape Design)

1. Leisure without the Labour
Most of us already lead pretty hectic lifestyles and when we come home, we just want to relax and recoup. This time to just sit and do nothing is precious – it’s a luxury. One that many people don’t have. So the less time you spend with back-breaking upkeep and maintenance, the more time you have to enjoy your newly designed space.

Think synthetic materials like composite decking to save time and energy on maintenance, whilst still boosting the attractiveness and lush feel. This blend of simplicity with convenience allows you to enjoy more time in the outdoor living space without too much hassle. Manage maintenance with thoughtful plant selection – Gro Wall vertical gardens are an awesome space saver for example – and outdoor furniture options made from microfiber synthetic fabrics ensure all year round weather-proofing and keep the maintenance to a minimum.

2. Cooking and Dining Under the Stars
An outdoor living space that can be used all year round is essential. And that means dining under the stars in summer or cooking up a family feast outside in the winter. Outdoor kitchens aren’t a new thing, but every year they evolve and the trend just gets hotter and hotter. Gone are the days when households just have an outdoor grill or a BBQ, outdoor kitchens are now equipped with virtually everything you see in the inside one.

If you don’t have the budget to get the whole caboodle, investing in a pizza oven or a fire pit can be enough to really transform the space into one that’s more useable. A space that has a place to cook and serve meals won’t just boost entertaining and dining value, but it’ll add to your home’s resale figure too.

3. Incorporate Modern Geometric Aesthetics
Decorative patterns are a cost-effective way to change the dynamics of a dull looking outdoor space. Ideal for properties of any size, simple and attractive designs spruced up with geometric aesthetics are booming in popularity. And the best part about it is you can utilise modern geometrics in everything! Horizontal lines combined with the softer curves of circles are a modest and versatile way to spark visual interest in the outdoor living space.


(Jodie Cooper Design)

Modern geometric aesthetics can be added to fencing with striking slat fencing infills that can bring a creative level to backyard landscaping or through planters, painting techniques, outdoor furniture and accessories. Strong bold lines can be incorporated in harder structures, like the patio roof, flooring and “right angles” for a modern décor theme and use rounded evergreens to soften the harder edges and create that luxurious contemporary oasis vibe.


contemporary-landscape a

(Giuletti Schouten Architects)

4. Sustainable Features and Subtlety in Landscape Design
Eco-friendly solutions and subtle influences are becoming big in every department and landscape design is no exception. Gardens and outdoor living spaces don’t have to be over the top to work or create a positive impact. Having appreciation for subtle colour ranges with ‘pops’ of flavour and utilising finer details in hardscapes like stone walls or edging can make for a much bolder design.

Incorporate sustainable features through the use of appropriate plant choices, stormwater management solutions and recycled products like concrete pavers, stone and timber woods. Because sustainable landscapes are specifically designed with function as a priority, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and making your space more manageable too.

5. Colouring Structure
A tired looking outdoor space can be woken up with a little colour. Whilst black, dark browns and grey can work beautifully against the lush colours of natural greens in your garden, there’s a growing trend for homeowners wanting more colour out of their structures. Instead of painting a fencing black or grey, you can achieve more colour by going for dark blues and dark greens.

Opting for more colour structure will help to create more vibrant backgrounds for setting off plants and other outdoor accessories in the space. Simply by upgrading a colour theme and digging out that paint brush, a backyard space can be personalised and attractive without spending a fortune.

6. Rethinking Outdoor Experiences
As the outside and inside worlds continue to entwine, we’re forced to really rethink and redefine our outdoor experiences. Homeowners should get more comfortable with merging the two worlds and change their way of thinking. Remember; everything you have inside, you can have outside. There are no limitations to design and creativity. This can include thinking differently about the furniture you purchase for outside living and entertaining (deep seating items and outdoor area rugs are great for this), setting up conversation areas within the backyard space to encourage relaxation rather than just dining, and utilising design techniques to make the outside space feel like a secondary room.

What trends will you be incorporating into your outdoor space this year?

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