Oakleigh Motel

The Oakleigh Motel has always stood out to those driving along Dandenong Road.

The amazing facade, driveway portico and signage take us back to a golden age of motoring and the architecture of 1957.

Oakleigh Motel (monashweekley.com.au)

(Image courtesy of monashweekley.com.au)

Genus has been a consultant on this project since 2009 and we have been well aware of the challenges faced with development of the site and the risks that the iconic features could be lost.  Understandably, concerns were raised by the public as to what the outcome would be.

While this project has had opposition, I believe that the end result has provided a far greater solution than the total demolition of the original buildings and redevelopment of the site.

It was rewarding to work alongside our client, 94 Feet and the designers CHT Architects who saw retaining the iconic elements of motel as a key to the project, while giving the buildings new life as a townhouse development.

Oakleigh Motel

The signage, ground floor facades, feature windows, butterfly roof and portico remain, while new architectural elements such as the angled posts reflect the style of the original design.

Oakleigh Motel

For our part, Genus has provided a native plant palette to complement the built features and provide landscaping to a site where original gardens were minimal (as shown in the image below).

Oakleigh Motel - Original car park

Original car park, fences and landscaping

Oakleigh Motel

New landscaping to same area as part of development

While a challenging project to be involved in, we believe that the elements that made the Oakleigh Motel so iconic over the years have been successully retained and still stand out as feature along Dandenong Road.

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