Author: Lana Hawkins

Whether you have a spacious backyard or perhaps a smaller, more intimate garden setting, when it comes to landscaping and decorating, it’s really important to learn how to make the most of the space you have available. Opening up the door of your home to enter a new world full of wonder, bewilderment and flawless nature is what you should strive for. There are countless ways to make your yard more appealing and welcoming, but we’re going to keep our attention on these 6 easy tricks that’ll make this project a slight breeze.


Take It to a New Level

If you have a smaller, unused area in your yard, it’s a good idea to consider placing a deck or an elevated platform to create a designated area for entertainment or relaxation. Depending on your preferences, you can easily transform this space by refurbishing the area and placing some comfy furniture around a cosy fire-pit or you could go to the lengths of installing a luxurious spa for those late romantic nights.

Add Some Structure

What’s a better way to spend your day, than to enjoy a nice meal with all your friends and family in the soothing ambience of your backyard? If there’s anything that could make this picture more perfect, then it’s definitely adding a bit of structure to it. If you’re looking for a way to create a mesmerizing alfresco setting, then a pergola or a gazebo are the perfect solutions for your backyard. Not only do they add a stylish vibe to the space, but they also provide great shade during those scorching summer days and shelter in case of rain.


Create Separate Zones

One of the most effective tricks for creating a beautiful and, at the same time, functional yard is separating the area into multiple zones. You can divide the space by creating different levels, adding green wall barriers or even using footpaths and vegetation as dividers. This can help you create a lovely atmosphere in your backyard, as well as give your yard a sense of purpose. In this way you can easily create a separate area for cooking, entertainment, gardening and more!

A Hidden Sanctuary

If there’s one thing that can contribute to a dazzling ambience in a backyard, then it’s definitely adding a bit of mystery to it. Adding a small, intimate sanctuary somewhere between the ferns makes a wonderful addition to a yard and provides an enchanting vibe. If you wish to add to the magical ambience, create a secret pathway leading to your fairy-tale hideaway.

Make a Statement

There are many different ways to accentuate a specific area, space or detail, but one of the most effective is creating a focal point. Placing a remarkable detail in your garden can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of the area, as well as give your yard a more artistic vibe. A focal point can be a mixture of different plant species in a combination with a stylish vase or stunning sculpture. Adding a water or fire feature can make an exquisite detail, while you’ll never go wrong by opting for a beautiful flower arrangement or a classy art piece. The purpose of a focal point is to attract a lot of attention to a specific spot, so if you’re feeling bold, you can try placing multiple focal points around the yard to make a statement.


A Splash of Colour

When it comes to achieving a magnificent setting, colour is the one aspect that plays a significant role here. Different shades of green, combined with colourful blooms will usually dominate the area, but if you’re striving to achieve a specific outdoor style, then it’s a good idea to consider the style and colour of your furniture, as well as fences and other details that will help achieve the desired look.

With a few handy tricks up your sleeve and a little experimentation can make this backyard remodel a true adventure. Think beyond what’s trendy and what’s not, step outside of the box and you’ll realize that there are countless ways to make your backyard a true paradise.

Author Bio

Lana Hawkins is a student of Architecture from Sydney.  She loves writing about landscape design and is very interested in the concept of sustainable architecture.  Also, she enjoys traveling and trying out new recipes.