Author: Lana Hawkins

Contemporary style is in the spotlight: It features minimalist approach to landscaping and a wide array of sleek materials. At the first glance, such a garden may seem a bit cold and uninviting, but a closer look reveals something more.

A lifeless impression is precisely the pitfall people need to avoid when going for the current outdoor space. So, remember that a contemporary school aims at pulling together a highly functional and organized space, one which can also reflect the personality of the owner and highlight artistic bliss.

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The nature’s embrace

It seems that the architects’ dreams of prominent minimalist structure have found fertile ground in many gardens across the globe. This is visible in terms of neat lines and sculptural plants that deviate from the natural order of things. However, latest trends do not adhere to such hard rules, garnering a looser, livelier appearance. This line of thinking enables gardeners to instill playfulness and add warmth to gardens.  Hence, modern landscape leaves enough room for these innovations, at the same time encompassing them with organization and structure.

It is precisely this blend that sets the stage for your green fingers and creative juices to take hold. This is a perfect opportunity to create a soothing oasis in your yard and embrace an increasingly popular indoor-outdoor lifestyle. So, there is no reason not to plant perennials and introduce splashes of color throughout the garden. They complement other elements like ornamented grass and unadorned materials, and also soften corners and walkways. Just do not let things get too messy, and use these plants strategically.

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Immersing in the landscape

This brings us to another crucial point— apart from tenderizing the contemporary backdrop, greenery should also establish a strong connection with it.  Thus, opt for plants with bold silhouettes that go well with the surrounding architecture. Combine organized pallets with strips of plants and see them almost dissolving in the environment. This is made possible by using textures and colors that blur the boundary lines and make the landscape seem more fluid.

Now, this is not to say you should try to completely streamline the modern edge. A simple concrete patio is always preferable to the colored and stamped one. Go for natural, “honest” side of materials such as steel, stone and stucco, but steer clear of overusing them.  As for their combinations, those that include, for example, pebble and sandstone can make the space feel more inviting. What is more, wood tones are a welcome addition to the predominant blacks, grays and whites. Feel free to define the garden with horizontal wooden retaining walls, garden benches and decorative pieces.

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Finally, do not overlook the layout of the landscape. Pay attention to the elevated and ground planes within the patio area, and note that this part of the garden serves as a focal point. Lighting has an important role to play as well because it makes architecture and other sections fully shine. When dealing with the tasks and finishing touches, you might need a help of the professional, and also some advanced equipment. Ewp will help you gain access to any spot in the garden, and they provide much better support than ladders. Yes, designing a contemporary garden can be a time-consuming and expensive project, but it is also an utterly rewarding experience and a worthy investment.

Do not let the grass grow under your feet

When embarking on a journey to create a garden retreat, the goal is not to erect a sterile natural museum. So, add some variety and keep things personal and interesting.  Let modern aesthetics work hand in hand with vivid colors and varied planting to bring forth the enthralling spectacle. Contemporary style must showcase the subtlety, intuitiveness and sublime elegance. However, do not allow these traits get in the way of warm allure and exuberant accents. This kind of green sanctuary always gives you a chance to get away from the routines and obligation, rewind and recharge your batteries.