Author: Jayde Ferguson

Upgrading your home’s exterior doesn’t have to mean an expensive top-of-the-range remodel. A home can be made more welcoming and its kerb appeal beautifully boosted with a few clever ideas, DIY inspiration and creative thinking. The front yard of your house can set the tone for the entire home; so it pays to make it an attractive and inviting one. And whilst we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, potential buyers, neighbours and homeowners want some oomph when it comes to outward appearance.

First impressions do count. Even if you aren’t looking to turn a profit, creating a space that makes you feel good about coming home is something we all want to achieve. With smart tips to make your home look luxurious and unique, even the most modest homes can be transformed into a picturesque hideaway.

1. Revamp Your Front Door
Your front door is one of the best places to make a statement, whilst still finding something that fits with your personal style and your home’s architecture. Front doors get a lot of wear and tear and tend to be one of the last things we think about replacing. But with a cost-effective revamp, you can change the look and feel of your home’s exterior entirely.

If the door looks like its seen better days, replace it entirely for safety considerations and kerb appeal. You can transform its appearance with frosted glass panels, featured iron work or unique artistic versions of modern doors. For homes that encourage a neutral colour palette already, considering adding a ‘pop’ of colour with vibrant shades that are a little more adventurous.

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2. Turn Fences into Features
Fences don’t need to be a simple or boring addition to the home to keep people out; utilise them as a design statement to create a truly unique front yard. It doesn’t matter whether you’re installing the fence for security purposes or aesthetics, custom-made designs can allow you to complement your property’s current architecture and colour scheme without compromising on the essentials.

Decorative screens are another simple way to funk up a fence and turn it into a feature. This can turn a dull looking fence or a blank wall canvas into an exciting focal point within your landscape design. The choice when it comes to decorative screen fencing is huge, so it’s easy to find something that fits within budget and personal flavours. For an added impact, consider focal point lighting under decorative panels to really make them pop at night.

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3. Create Spaces to Pause
Front yard gardens are the transition zones between the public street to the private interior of your home. It doesn’t matter how far the walk in between, utilising the space properly to allow visitors (and you!) to pause and appreciate the scenery offers a warm, welcoming vibe to any property.

Whether there’s enough space to add a small bench, fountain or other suitable garden feature, encourage some time to gather impressions of the yard. Simple pathways and other creative landscaping techniques – even in the smallest of yards – can also work wonders in creating spaces to pause.

4. Establish that ‘Wow’ Factor with a Decorative Walkway
Crafting walkways is the simplest way to establish clear direction between the street, gate and front door. Cracked and uneven walkways aren’t attractive – not to mention a safety issue, so redo with concrete slabs, stone or other decorative options to craft that ‘wow’ factor.

Adding a focal plant by the doorway can help to draw attention to the entrance. If more than one door is visible from the front garden, make it clear with the walkway as to which one is to be used by visitors. Bold colours can be used in the paving to offer directions or consider using rope lighting or solar powered garden lights to illuminate the way. This is especially handy for night-time use too and looks fantastic.

5. Install Exterior Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space in the Garden
Perfect for front yards that are seriously lacking on space, using old windows and mirrors as decorative features can create the illusion the area is bigger than it actually is. Repurpose second-hand windows that can be sanded back and repainted (or left with its cool, rustic appeal). All you’ll need to do is add some mirrored glass to create the illusion.

The size and appearance of the recycled windows and mirrors you use isn’t important. As long as you can securely fit them to wood panelling, a garden shed or on any outdoor walls to make the garden appear bigger in size. Having mismatched mirrors or just a simple spray paint or paint over will still work, so no need to go out of your way to colour them perfectly or restore entirely.

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