Author: Whitney Swope

We all dream of creating an elegant outdoor area, to enjoy the beauty of nature in our own backyards.  Perfect furniture will blend harmoniously with your landscape.  It will not be bulky or in the way.  It will fit into your garden simply and elegantly and seem as though it was just meant to be.  Here are 8 ideas for creating functional areas that fit seamlessly into your garden.

A Tree Bench
If you are lucky enough to have a grand tree, emphasize it by creating an inbuilt bench.  This seating space will add even more character to a beautiful feature.  It will also be a wonderful place that children and adults will be drawn to.  This unique idea will certainly be the focal element and talking point of any garden.

A Table in Nature
Place a dining setting right in the heart of your garden to entertain in nature.  Decorate the table with rustic and earthy pieces to help it blend into the surroundings.  And of course, fill it with food and wine.  Hosting a dinner party in this unique spot will be delightful and memorable for your guests.  If it is evening, use candles, lanterns and string lights to make it even more special.

A Day Bed in the Greenery
Day beds and hammocks fit perfectly among shrubs and greenery.  The beauty and comfort of nature is reflected in the place where you can relax and enjoy your garden.  A day bed that is nestled in a lush landscape evokes the feeling of a tropical resort.

A Sunken Lounge
Create a spot where it seems like your lounge is just meant to be.  A sunken lounge blends seamlessly with the landscape and is utterly magnificent.  Rather than placed above ground, the height of the lounge blends with the surface.  This creates a well-defined entertainment spot.  You will need plenty of space to fit a sunken area and this adds to its feeling of luxury.  For an even larger dose of luxury, add an eye-catching focal point such as an outdoor fire pit.

A Bench Flush with the Lushness

Create seating that fits seamlessly among the greenery.  Build a bench alongside planters so that it is flush with the wall.  You can fit the bench with cushions, so that it is just as comfortable as any sofa.  This is an elegant idea that is preferable to a bulky lounge that sits out of place.

A Pool Cabana


This simple pool cabana blends into the paving, but creates an incredible impact.

For the ultimate in opulence, create an inbuilt structure that blends with your pool.  For example, an inbuilt bar, or a cabana.  You can blend the cabana in a seamless way by using the same material for the structure as the paving.  It will be wonderful for relaxing, and form a gathering spot right beside the pool.

Earthy Colour and Texture

Colour and texture can be used to blend furniture harmoniously into the landscape.  Natural wood, as well as earthy fabrics blend beautifully.  For the poolside, blue fabric reflects the colour of the water, and accentuates the luxury of the pool.

Use natural wood or stone furniture pieces such as a coffee table or stool.  This will connect your area to the surrounding outdoors, and can accent a synthetic wicker setting.

A Sectional Sofa
A traditional sofa setting is often bulky, and takes up a lot of space.  A sectional modular is a popular option, as it can be moved to blend into a corner of your patio or garden snuggly.  It can also be moved into many arrangements to suit your occasion.


The Infinity Modular from Urbani Furniture

Choosing furniture that blends seamlessly into the garden gives an understated feeling of elegance, and great functionality.  These ideas create a lot of impact, and are wonderful for creating a dream garden oasis.

About the Author:
Whitney Swope is the owner of Urbani Furniture, an outdoor furniture shop in Perth that specialises in wicker garden settings, including multi-functional dining sets, lounges, and day beds. Whitney enjoys helping people create modern and eye-catching outdoor living spaces.