Continuing on from last week’s look at what Genus does to get your landscape project in the ground, today we get technical.

Concept to Completion – Part 2

Stage Two – Detail and Documentation
Now that the concept plan has been presented to our client and finalised into how they want their finished landscape to look, we need to provide the technical details so that it can be built.

This stage creates a package of documents that detail how the landscape project is to be set out and specific items constructed.  The plans are similar to those that an architect or building designer will complete for your house and include a dimensioned setout, details of site levels and locations of all external elements.  The planting design is finalised and a detailed plant schedule is provided which itemises plant species with planted heights and pot sizes.

Documentation plans


The documentation package also includes a detailed Bill of Quantities, which is an ordered list detailing the quantities of all materials and features of the landscape.  The materials are selected with individual sizes and colours specified and suppliers nominated.

All of these items provide information that is used to obtain quotes for construction of the landscape and then are used as drawings for the selected landscaper to work from.

Stage Three – Project Administration
Once everything is drawn, detailed and specified it is time to get the plans out to landscapers to quote.  There are plenty of high quality and reliable contractors out there and it’s important that a good fit is found for the client and project.  This can depend on location, size of the landscape company, timeframes and of course budget.


The final stage of the project teams the client with the right landscaper and gets the project moving into construction.  This is where things start to get messy and the length of time for construction is dependant on the scale of the project.

There are often unforseen items that arise during construction, and the landscape architect works alongside the landscaper to make sure any issues are discussed and dealt with.  It is essential that the best possible landscape outcome is achieved and communication between everyone (including the client) is essential throughout the construction process.

So there you have it.  Such a simple process!IMG_9948

Clearly every project has its own quirks and challenges, however a landscape architect works with the client through the whole process to ensure that they are totally satisfied.  There is nothing like hearing the excited feedback from a client who is totally happy and thrilled with their new outdoor space!