By Lana Hawkins

7 Reasons Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

Once a luxurious trend, now an absolute must-have, outdoor kitchens have become a widely embraced feature of modern homes. Ranging from lush and high-end designs to improvised DIY kitchen stations, outdoor cooking areas may vary in styles and sizes, but they are infinitely stylish. If you’re still on the fence about whether this is the right choice for you, here are seven reasons that will help you get over it and into a backyard with an outdoor kitchen.


1.      Cost-friendly home expansion

While building an additional room can require a sizeable amount of money, an outdoor kitchen will provide you with a lovely and enjoyable area where you can host your guests. There’s no need for investing in a building project when you can just design a kitchen in your backyard, especially if you have a covered patio. Even if you don’t, installing a pergola will cost you less than building a completely new room. By designing an outdoor kitchen, you’ll expand your home’s usable space without spending a fortune.

2.      An exquisite entertainment venue

Just imagine spending a lovely day outside with your family and friends, grilling on the patio and socialising at the same time or cooking a lovely and intimate dinner on a chilly, but cosy night. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? This is one of the major benefits of outdoor kitchens – you’ll have a comfortable and stylish entertainment area where you can cook without being completely isolated in another room. Everyone can chat and even help you out in an inviting and cosy ambiance.

3.      Odour-free and flavour-full

No longer will you have to worry about your entire home smelling of deep-fried or accidentally burnt food right before your guests arrive. An outdoor kitchen will keep the odours outside while improving the food flavours. Since you’ll have more food preparation options, such as grilling, your food will be healthier and have a richer taste.

4.      Stylish and authentic design

You can give full rein to your imagination when it comes to the design of your outdoor kitchen because you have a plethora of creative options. You can design a contemporary outdoor cooking space with stainless-steel appliances and marble counter tops or a rustic, eco-friendly kitchen using re-purposed wood and rough finishes. You can make a décor statement using a stunning vintage lamp or create an intimate atmosphere using string lights and candles. Once you’ve found an appropriate layout and a specific design style, you can simply follow your creativity.

5.      A boost to the value of your home

As the popularity of outdoor kitchens grows, so does their value, which is why they’ve become one of the most profitable home improvement projects. High-quality appliances are one of the most important aspects of outdoor kitchens that can boost your home’s value. Stainless-steel and

energy-efficient appliances are the most sought-after feature, so they are definitely worth the investment. However, when buying kitchen appliances, make sure to go with a reliable brand, such as trustworthy and world-famous Electrolux that offers Energy Star certified appliances. If there’s one big thing you want to splurge on, kitchen appliances are the best and wisest choice.

6.      A long-term investment

While designing an outdoor kitchen might require some investment, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Apart from increasing your home’s value, as already mentioned, an outdoor cooking area will reduce your energy consumption. You won’t have to use your air conditioner to cool down your kitchen or the ventilation system to get rid of all the fumes. Consequently, you’ll use less energy and, thus, cut your electricity bill.

7.      A smart use of space

Considering that an outdoor kitchen can boost the value of your home and increase your savings in the long-run, it’s safe to say that it represents a smart use of your backyard space. It’s a much wiser and more profitable option than building a backyard pool, for example, or leaving your yard unused. In addition, you’ll have a lovely entertainment area where you can spend lovely moments with your friends and family.

Not only can an outdoor kitchen give your backyard a trendy look, but it can also be a long-term investment that will make your home more enjoyable.