Of course we recommend you use a landscape architect for your projects and here are some great reasons why you should make that decision!

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5 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Architect

Time to update your outdoor space? If planting a few new bulbs or a raised garden-bed won’t cut it, and you’re interested in a more intensive home improvement, consider employing a landscape architect to turn your yard into an oasis.

Not to be confused with a landscape designer, a landscape architect is a licensed professional that can create visually appealing plans to suit a client’s specific vision. Even if you’ve got a green thumb, employing someone who knows the ins and outs of outdoor artistry can get you the results you’re after, within your means.

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Below, we’ve compiled a few reasons why hiring a landscape architect is the way to go.

1. Collaboration

A professional can help you get the most of your space. You and your landscape architect will sit down to create a rough plan for the space. You have control to approve or deny any ideas set forth, but a landscape architect can account for issues you may have not considered like climate, spatial design, plant specifications and general use of the area.

2. Budgeting

Home improvement projects have a way of surpassing the initial budget. With a landscape architect, you can be upfront about how much you have to spend and they sign a contract locking in the price. Of course unforeseen issues could arise requiring further cost, but the landscape architect should be able to provide you with a timeline and layout that suits your budget.

3. Extensive Experience

Landscape architecture firms employ only educated and licensed people, whereas landscape designers require no specific training and the industry is not regulated. Whether you have no idea what you want your outdoor area to look like or you’ve imagined every last detail, a landscape architect can provide advice on how to make it reality.

4. Quality Assurance

Your completed yard is a reflection of the landscape architect’s skills – therefore you know the project will be seen through properly with pride. Before you commission a landscape architect, don’t be afraid to ask for references or examples of projects they have created. Not only will the visuals provide some credibility, but seeing what’s been done can get your own creative juices flowing. Remember, no yard is the same; each project is customised to your specifications.

5. Education

Landscape architects have usually completed advanced degrees in the field. Your landscape architect is somewhat of a master chef, rounding up all of your visions or “ingredients,” then combing them for the best possible result. As any great chef knows, there are rules and unforeseen challenges when it comes to creating the perfect outcome. If you choose to DIY, you’ll have to do research on licensing and permits applicable to your yard. Landscape architects know what sort of speed humps and hurdles to look for within your project such as construction oversight, local regulations and building techniques.

It’s always smart to shop around for different landscape architects to find one you feel most comfortable with.

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