Our first guest post on our new website comes from Jayde Ferguson for Beacon Equipment, who reveals the best brands of mowers to improve your lawn maintenance.

Which Lawn Mower Brand Should You Buy?
Here’s 5 of the Best to Get Your Lawn Looking Lush!

mowerMowing the lawn doesn’t always need to be a chore, in fact most people genuinely love getting outdoors and maintaining their green. It makes all the difference too, when you have a lawn mower that’s practical, powerful and perfect for the job. The right lawn mower plays a very important role when it comes to keeping your garden and outdoor space in good shape, but the actual task of finding one that suits your needs can be pretty difficult at times.

In today’s market there’s a massive variety of lawn mower brands that range significantly in price, quality and ease of operation – but how do you know which one is best for you? We check out the top lawn mower brands for 2015 and how they compare to the rest of the market.

1. John Deere

In rain, hail or blistering sunshine John Deere lawn mowers make maintaining your green that much easier. Although they can be a little more on the pricey side, their ride on mowers, in particular, are definitely some of the best. The brand – John Deere takes a lot of pride in building quality outdoor power equipment and this is positively evident in every part of their mowers. They produce products that are consistent in quality, power and convenience ensuring you can get the job done as quickly as possible.

Some John Deere models worth mentioning include the D105 lawn tractor which drives as smoothly as car and comes complete various control speeds and quality edging techniques, or the X300 series which can come equipped with extensive luxury add on’s. Whilst the brand does offer walk-behind mowers too, they are definitely most prominent in their ride-on mowers. This buyer’s guide article provides some great information about whether a ride-on mower is right for your needs.

2. Honda

It doesn’t matter whether you like their cars or not, Honda have certainly nailed it in the power tool department. They have a variety of lawn mowers that suit almost every outdoor space and budget range, offering a dependable solution for both commercial and residential property owners.

When choosing a lawn mower, it’s highly recommended to go with a known and trusted brand that’s made to a quality standard for ongoing power and reliability. Because Honda are a renowned and respected brand, it’s a safe mower choice regardless of your lawn maintenance experience.

Honda lawn mowers come in rotary, electric and petrol powered showing off an extensive selection. In 2014, Honda achieved the Most Satisfied Customers Award – Lawn Mowers making Honda the mother of all mowers. Today, it still remains one of the best mower brands out there. Honda mower models worth mentioning include the HRE370 electric lawn mower and the HRU19M1 which includes technology to mulch the lawn as you mow. Majority of the Honda lawn mowers are terrific value for money, easy to maintain and offer a high quality grass cutting performance.

3. Masport

Like Honda, Masport is a power tool brand that is well respected. They produce several different lawn mower models ranging from simple hand and electric mowers, to the high quality President and ride-on mowers; so variety is definitely not an issue. The brand – an Australasian institute with over 100 years of manufacturing experience works in combining quality with the latest innovations.

Masport is known for being a great provider of outdoor equipment; whipper snippers, blowers, hedge trimmers, just to name a few – so they’re a trusted trademark of garden care products and heavyweight power tools. Their range of lawn mowers aims for operation ease that fits within most consumer’s budgets and includes many models that support the “cut, catch and mulch” technology.

4. Black and Decker

As far as value goes, Black and Decker are all over it with their range of outdoor power tools. Powerful to run and extremely cost effective, the Black and Decker cordless electric lawn mower provides homeowners with an eco-friendly mower solution. Delivering enough power to cut the lawn of a 1/3 acre home site, this particular mower has extensive features which make it quite attractive for the gardening enthusiast.

The brand itself is distinguished for supplying outdoor products that aim to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst still maintaining quality and convenience. Whilst it’s not as established as other brands like Honda, the Black and Decker cordless electric lawn mower is easy starting and offers the user options to bag the mulch with a built-in mulching plug.

5. GreenWorks

The brand GreenWorks is popular for their cordless lawn mowers and notorious for power and ease. Whilst they tend to be much cheaper than the other bigger brands, quality is still not jeopardised making GreenWorks mowers ideal for basic lawn maintenance care.

For homes lacking storage space, GreenWorks mowers can be easily folded to fit on a shelf. For lawn mowing ease, the GreenWorks mower automatically increases power when the mower starts giving it an extra boost for longer grassy areas. As far as cordless lawn mowers go, the GreenWorks Twin Force 40 Volt Lithium-Ion mower has a surprisingly long batter life so can effortlessly offer over an hour of uninterrupted mowing.

“Best” means different things to different people. Finding the ideal lawn mower brand for your needs could mean buying the best-selling mower or simply the top-rated mower. This list compiles not only the highest selling brands and top rated, but also customer reviews, cost effectiveness and mowing ease and power.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who recommends Beacon Equipment – a Perth based company with quality garden equipment tools and reliable lawn mowers to keep your greens looking lush.