It’s the middle of Winter and maybe the last thing you are thinking about is getting out and replanting that tired space in your garden.

Did you know that right now is a great time to buy deciduous fruit and ornamental trees?  That’s because they can be bought BARE ROOTED and here are 5 facts to get you going!

1.  Bare rooted trees are, as the name implies, without a container or soil around the roots.  Nurseries such as Flemings grow these trees for about two years before they are grafted and prepared for sale (and planting).  When you purchase a bare rooted tree at your nursery, it may appear no more than a stick.  But rest assured that is not the case!

2.  Bare rooted trees are only available in Winter.  This is because it is the time of year when they are dormant before they shoot again in Spring.  This means you need to be sourcing and ordering well before the end of August!


3.  Most deciduous trees are available as bare rooted stock and it is a great way to buy fruit trees or ornamentals such as Pyrus, Malus or Prunus.

4.  While the trees are available and supplied without soil or containers, they still need to be kept moist.  Your nursery may have them standing in crates of damp sawdust.  They will then bag up the roots for you to transport them.  Once home, they should be planted as soon as possible to make sure they don’t dry out and can get established in their new garden location.


5.  Bare rooted plants are easier to transport and store for nurseries and growers.  That means they cost less to handle and THAT SAVING IS TRANSFERRED TO YOU THE BUYER!  Some trees may even be up to 50% less than the cost of a potted variety at other times of the year.

So there you have it.  No more excuses to not be planting in Winter!

– Jason

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