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11 Plants You Should be Planting in Spring


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Spring has sprung! And it is the perfect time to breathe some new life into your garden. Many plant varieties thrive this time of year thanks to the longer days, mild weather and spring showers. Read below to check out 11 plants we recommend you should start planting in the coming weeks.

1. Herbs

There are many herbs that love spring. Parsley and basil will thrive in a sunny position with plenty of water. Try creating pots of complementary pairs, such as coriander and Vietnamese mint or rosemary and thyme. Planting now will guarantee you a supply of fresh herbs for months.

2. Citrus trees

Citrus trees are sun-loving plants but struggle to become established in really hot weather. This makes spring the perfect time to plant. Lemon trees will grow very happily in both pots and gardens. Many miniature varieties are now available that will provide you with fruit in the plant’s first years.

3. Melons

Spring is the time to plant spreading vines like melons. Plant watermelons or honeydews in a generous patch, because melon vines have a tendency to take over. As well as a luscious green vine, you will be soon be rewarded with fresh fruit.

4. Zucchini

Zucchinis are another voracious vine that loves spring. Although they will grow quickly, zucchini vines are more compact than others such as pumpkin, so will be a lot less invasive. Many successful gardeners find themselves with a glut of this versatile vegetable by mid summer.

5. Australian natives

While many natives can be planted year round, they are great plants to have established before summer due to their drought resistant properties. Planting kangaroo paws now will assure you a dramatic floral display no matter how hot the summer. The many varieties of Banksia, Bottlebrush, Eucalypt and Wattle are all perfect additions to a warmer weather garden.


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6. Broccoli

The super food broccoli grows well right across Australia. When mature, the plant will sprout a floret of broccoli from among the leaves like a flower. This vegetable is also popular with snails though, so keep it well protected with pellets or coffee grounds.

7. Spring blossoms

Flowering fruit trees provide both pretty flowers and eventually a supply of fruit. Try planting a bare-rooted tree in very early spring or a young specimen later. The tree will enjoy a sunny spot in well draining soil. Cherry, pear, and plum trees will give you a beautiful display from their first season.

8. Chilies

Sun loving chilies are a surprisingly hardy plant that comes in many styles. For those that love a bit of heat, try Thai birdseye or Mexican ghost varieties. For something a little milder, try planting jalapeno or even the chili’s cousin capsicum.

9. Cuttings

Many plants will grow well from cuttings. Cuttings are best harvested and prepared in winter, but with the proper care they should be ready to plant in spring. Wisteria, roses and grapevines all grow really well using this method. The best part is that when mature, these plants will in turn provide their own cuttings.

10. Tomatoes

As soon as the risk of morning frost has passed, it is time to plant tomato seeds or seedlings. For some varieties you will need a frame or stake to prop them up, as tomatoes can grow very tall very quickly. In no time you will have a crop of sun-ripened tomatoes to enjoy in salads.

11. Potted colour

Spring is all about the flowers. Pay a visit to your local nursery or hardware shop. They are likely to have a large range of cheerful options at a very fair price. Pansies or nasturtiums will provide you with a riot of colour and are the perfect way to celebrate the impending good weather.


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